Green hydrogen standards

GH2’s definition of renewable energy is based on the technologies that are the leading candidates for scaling up green hydrogen production: hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal and other ocean energy sources.

Some countries believe that there is a role for nuclear energy to accelerate the shift from more polluting activities, such as coal generation. However, nuclear power has environmental and safety related issues which this Standard is not designed to address.

Similarly, there are sustainability issues related to biomass and waste to energy that require careful scrutiny. GH2 welcomes the Green Hydrogen Standard inspiring further rules and standards for nuclear and other forms of energy production with close to zero emissions.

The Standard requires that the environmental, social and governance aspects of green hydrogen production are addressed. It requires that the development opportunities and impacts of green hydrogen production and use are considered. These are vital considerations for investors, customers, consumers and the communities that host green hydrogen projects.

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