Hydrogen Storage and Transportation (Live Online Course) | August 22-29, 2024

August 22, 2024
August 29, 2024
Infocus International

This comprehensive course is intended for those seeking a wide-ranging, hype-free and independent perspective on the technologies and market factors, which will influence the scale up of hydrogen supply chains.

The course provides a clearly explained, business-focused perspective on the different ways that hydrogen can be stored and transported from its source of production to its end-use application (or stored for use as a fuel). The covered options include hydrogen itself, along with the key hydrogen-based derivatives and carriers that offer potentially more economic and practical alternatives.

Attendees will be able to separate what is actually happening in the market from the headlines and hype, and to identify the pros and cons of different supply chain options at different scales of deployment. The course will evaluate the pros and cons of different solutions and pathways from perspectives including energy efficiency, economics and practicality.



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